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I Film Dead People

... ok not dead, 'indestructable'

Zach (Thomas Dekker)
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Zach (Thomas Dekker) - Heroes

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It is 3 weeks until Homecoming, one of the biggest events of the year at Union Wells High in Odessa, Texas. And 17 year old Zach is the only one who knows Claire’s big secret – she’s indestructible. Having long had a liking for the blonde cheerleader, Zach takes his role as her confidant very seriously and tries at all costs to protect her even though he knows it is pointless due to this erroneous flaw.


Zach is like any other 17 year old boy – he likes movies, he likes music, he likes things that blow up, he likes technology and computers… yes, that’s right, Zach is a geek. Not quite your textbook nerd, Zach is still an outcast at Union Wells High. He knows his place, and generally keeps to it, preferring to be worlds away from the popular kids – but when it comes to Claire his heart comes first. He’s caring and protective, if not curious and somewhat stubbornly defiant. He has a liking for alternative, goth & metal music, but won’t conform to any kind of stereotype as he likes the idea of being an individual and unique.


Zach is an aspiring director. For as long as he can remember he’s always wanted to capture something extraordinary on film. He’s wanted to be something special, to see something no-one else has seen, to prove people are capable of being more than just stereotypes. But that’s just what he is – an outcast. Clumsy and awkward, he’s never been the perfect person every other student strives to be. He’s never been socially accepted. He never wanted to be.

But that all changed when he met Claire Bennett. The perky blonde cheerleader had a locker four doors down from his. From the moment he saw her he instantly developed a crush on her. Like all popular kids she never spoke to him, but she at least gave him a warm smile in passing. It made her different than the others. She didn’t openly mock, tease or shun him. But she never went out of her way to interact with him either.

That was until one day she decided to approach him to speak to him. If it had been anyone else, he would have thought it to be a practical joke at his expense, but Claire… he didn’t think she would be capable of such deception. He was openly surprised to see her try to make contact, almost dropping his bag onto the ground and fumbling for it as he heard her call his name. Surely he was even amazed she would know it in the first place. He would remember that day forever – the way his heart lifted with joy when he saw her, when he realized that she actually wanted to talk to him; how pretty she had looked with the light reflecting off her blonde locks, giving her that bright kind of aura; how nervous she seemed to be when she coyly asked if he could film her. His mind may have leapt to all kinds of conclusions as to what she meant but she was quick to set him straight. He admired that about her. She had a certain strength that most girls her age, her type, didn’t possess. Of course he readily agreed, why wouldn’t he? It was a chance to be close to the girl. And the fact that he was a good listener and had no association with her other ‘friends’ helped her to open up to him with her darkest, most worrying secret yet – she was indestructible. He’d only known her, really known her, for a matter of weeks and now he felt he knew her better than any of her friends.

Zach is determined to help Claire any way he can, knowing that underneath that high spirited façade lies a very troubled young woman.

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I am not Zach, nor a friend of Claire Bennett's (or anyone with super powers for that matter). I am also not Thomas Dekker (who plays Zach on Heroes) nor do I know him. Everything contained within this journal is based on the show Heroes, the character of Zach, and is owned by Tim Kring and the rest of the production company and network. The only real person is me - decadentdream - writer and maintainer of this journal. Anybody I mention not on the show is my property.